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2018 McLaren 720S P14 Luxury Coupe 2dr SSG 7sp 4.0TT [MY18]


$ 393,990.00 AUD

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Odometer14,313 km
Body StyleCoupe
Fuel TypeUnleaded
Stock No8713


The 720S epitomizes an unyielding pursuit of shattering the boundaries of what's possible. It embodies qualities of being lighter, stronger, and faster – a convergence of these attributes and beyond. Yet, its impact on your senses transcends these technical feats.

Draped in a distinctive and inventive design that sets it apart from most other supercars, the 720S boasts an immensely potent drivetrain and one of the most exceptional chassis in the realm of production cars. While its predecessors, the 650S and 12C, established performance benchmarks, the 720S ascends beyond merely being a benchmark. It morphs into one of the most captivating and comprehensive supercars ever painstakingly engineered.

Linked intricately to the lightweight Carbon Fibre Monocage, the McLaren-engineered powerplant, weighing under 200kg, unleashes a commanding 710bhp, accompanied by a torque of 770Nm. The Super Series model's formula translates into mind-boggling acceleration figures – achieving 0-200kph in less than 8 seconds and consistently clocking quarter-mile times below 10 seconds for every unit that rolls off the assembly line. With the exception of McLaren's Ultimate Senna, this stands as the pinnacle of performance benchmarks in the Australian market.

The latest evolution of McLaren's Formula One-derived Active Suspension integrates cutting-edge algorithmic software and ultra-precise sensors, all seamlessly meshed with a conventionally hydraulically connected damper setup. This marriage yields a suspension system so advanced that anti-roll bars become redundant, ushering in a handling performance that perpetually aligns the supercar for optimal aerodynamics and tire grip, a symphony of engineering prowess.

We’re excited to bring to the market this stunning 2018 Mclaren 720 S, finished in an MSO optioned Lunar White, over a sumpercious Cassis leather in interior.

The diamond-cut wheels are flawlessly preserved, serving as exquisite adornments for this extensively equipped vehicle. The sports exhaust bestows upon the 720S a symphony reminiscent of the exhilarating notes heard while riding a superbike.

Further amenities such as the 360-degree camera, parking sensors, and nose lift elevate this modern supercar's convenience to dailable standards.

As you recline and reflect upon McLaren's storied motorsport legacy, the 720S authentically mirrors the monumental voyage and triumphs that the team has accomplished. Become an integral part of this legacy and honor the spirit of Ayrton Senna.