Dutton Garage is one of the world’s premium retailers of classic, collectable, exotic and rare cars with our iconic showroom based in Melbourne, Australia. With a global buying power and an extensive international network, we are able to source, purchase and sell vehicles for customers worldwide. Our expert staff provide a fully tailored services for customers looking to purchase their next collectable, classic or exotic car.


Dutton Garage is a subsidiary of the Dutton Group. The Dutton Group is owned by its founders, Gavin Fernandez and George Nakas, alongside CHAMP Private Equity. With an investment history dating back to 1987, CHAMP’s primary investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation in mid-market businesses located in Australia and New Zealand. CHAMP acquired its interest in Dutton in early 2017, and since then has successfully partnered with the founders and management to grow the business both domestically and internationally. 

Adding to this, Dutton Sporting Cars has a lineage that brings over a hundred years of classic car expertise. First established in 1911 by Albert Octavius Dutton - the Dutton brand has a legacy of auto racing in Australia that is beyond compare.

The Dutton family known as the 'the first family of automotive style' are renowned 
for their unique presentation of retail buildings and showrooms.

They have created exquisite homes for exotics, automobiles, automobile and motorsport art.
Their interior design of this amazing building has taken them to even another level.

Jeff, Gay and James have sourced and installed design features to further enhance the Karl Fender creation with a museum likes exhibition providing a welcoming meeting place to peruse in comfort. A fusion of culinary and automotive passion can be discovered within the showroom.

A cafe within a retail showroom was introduced by the Dutton family in 1991 and set the pace throughout Australia.

To find out more, please visit duttongroup.com.au

Our Team

The team at Dutton Garage are industry leaders in collectible, classic and exotic cars. They bring with them decades of experience in buying, selling and investing in these rare and exotic cars. 


As the third generation Dutton, Jeff began his career in the family workshop as a mechanical apprentice where he honed his skills in repairing Porsches and Ferraris. During his tenure in the family workshop Jeff saw the opportunity to begin buying the exotic cars he was repairing and began forming his talents in buying, selling and advising on rare and collectible cars.

Over a career that spans over five decades, Jeff has been humbled to have the rare opportunity to be involved in the purchase of some of the most important car collections in the world. He is considered a doyen amongst motoring enthusiasts and is, without a doubt, one of the most prolific classic car experts.


John began his career in the late 70s at Henley’s. He was promoted to group Sales Manager in 1980 where he forged a successful career in managing the sales process for iconic brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Volvo. In 1990 he joined Dutton’s and began paving a successful career in classic and collectible cars. He is one of Australia’s foremost experts in classic cars.

In 2015 John celebrated his 25th anniversary as part of the extended Dutton family.


With a love of all things Porsche, Rowan began as a child, developing an in depth understanding for this classic marque. His childhood obsession forged on to become an adulthood career path. He joined Dutton’s in 1994 and from that day forward he set about turning his dream of selling and collecting Porsches into a reality. His knowledge for rare Porsches is second to none in Australia.

Rowan is also the proud owner of an extensive collection of classic Porsches.


Barossa Born & Adelaide raised, Ben moved to Melbourne to work for Porsche, before being lured to Formula 1 brand McLaren, as Brand Manager for Melbourne. He has close ties with the McLaren F1 outfit, assembling the Factory McLaren GT3 car & driver line up for the 2018 Bathurst 12 hour.

Ben's involvement in the collector car scene has allowed him to make many great contacts, both personally and professionally. He subsequently joined Dutton Garage to assist, acquire and retail the classic & bespoke models across all brands.

Ben's personal passion for modern collectables & classic cars has allowed him to introduce many new customers to the collector car market, many of whom trust him so implicitly that they have invested heavily through him to build diverse, blue-chip private collections. Ben competes Nationally in the Porsche Michelin GT3 Cup Challenge Category.


From a young age, Karl has been immersed in luxury car brands. Through spending time at his family’s large prestige dealership in the UK to attending classic car shows and auctions, he has acquired a thorough knowledge of the automotive market. Furthermore, working as a Fraud Strategy Analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland for five years enabled Karl to review business procedures and streamline processes to improve customer service. Hence, the role of Customer Service Manager at Dutton Garage was a natural choice. Here he manages and motivates staff to enhance the customer experience and directly liaises with the GM to expand markets globally, particularly in the UK and Europe.


David is our talented in-house photographer who has extensive experience in both photography and social media marketing. He specialises in car photography and modern street photography which he intertwines into his work. His creative work is perfect for Dutton Garage’s environment and is a vital part of our team. 


Finding a car of your dreams can be a very complicated, time-consuming process. At Dutton Garage, we pride ourselves on sourcing all kinds of rare and collectible cars. Having a truly global sourcing network, Dutton Garage has the ability to source any car, no matter how rare or collectible. This enables collectors to focus on enjoying their vehicles rather than going through the tedious painful process of sourcing them.


If you’re planning on selling your collectable car, we’d love to hear from you. At Dutton Garage we’re always on the look out for the highest quality luxury, prestige and classic cars from all over the world to add to our ever-changing showroom. We actively seek to find collectable cars that will meet our demanding standards and those of our international client base. We have a waiting list of buyers looking for something that’s more than a little bit special so please give us a call to find your car a new home.

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