Looking for a classic Sunbeam for sale?

Sunbeam was a British marque that saw its golden era during the first half of the 20th century, when it produced high-quality, reliable cars with great racing reputations. Unfortunately, the brand was absorbed by Chrysler who valued low production costs over stellar quality, and Sunbeam fell into disrepute.

In its heyday, Sunbeam pushed the limits of human achievement by making the Sunbeam 1000hp in 1927, the first car that could travel over 320kph. Sunbeam also made history by creating the first British car to win a Grand Prix race.

The classic design of Sunbeam motors come from a time when real pride was taken in every step of the engineering process. If you want a car you can be proud of, check out Dutton Garage to have a chance to drive the cars of yesterday, today.