Sell My Car

Dutton Garage buys luxury, prestige and classic cars from all over the world. After all, a showroom like ours doesn’t just fill itself.

We are always on the "hunt" for the highest quality modern and classic cars, and we usually have buyers waiting in the wings. If you have something that’s more than a little bit special we’d love to hear from you.

As specialists we don’t just rely on bulk purchases from those in the car business. We actively seek to find car makes and models that will meet our demanding standards and those of our international client base.

So if you are planning to sell your car please contact us. 

What luxury and classic cars do we buy?

Take a look at the cars that we currently hold and you’ll have a good idea. You can browse our modern luxury and sports cars or take a trip down memory lane by looking through our rare classic cars for sale.

Where do we buy our prestige cars from?

We buy globally. UK, Europe, America, and Japan: wherever the right car is we are happy to buy it. We have years of experience buying and selling prestige cars internationally so contact us and we’ll talk you through the process.

We are happy to purchase and pay outright for luxury, rare, and classic cars, or if you are considering upgrading or downsizing, we are happy to offer a part exchange or trade-in. 

Take a look, there’s bound to be something in our showroom that  you’ve been dreaming of. 

What next? Contact Dutton Garage, 'the classic and rare car specialists for more than 100 years'.