The Dutton Garage Team

The team at Dutton Garage are industry leaders in collectible, classic and exotic cars. They bring with them decades of experience in buying, selling and investing in these rare and exotic cars.

Shaun Baker 
  (General Manager)

Shaun has worked in the high end motoring industry for the past 18 years.  He has headed up the Robert Lane Alfa Romeo/Prestige as the GSM. In 2004, he joined the Rick Damelian group in NSW and built his career to become EGM/DP for Pertersham dealerships. Shaun assumed the role as brand Manager for Ferrari and Maserati in 2007. He has also consulted as a specialized trainer for Ferrari and Lexus. In 2014 Shaun was appointed General Manager of Dutton Garage.

Shaun is renowned for his love and passion for all things AMG.


Jeff Dutton
(Senior Classic Car Specialist)

As the third generation Dutton, Jeff began his career in the family workshop as a mechanical apprentice where he honed his skills in repairing Porsches and Ferraris. During his tenure in the family workshop Jeff saw the opportunity to begin buying the exotic cars he was repairing and began forming his talents in buying, selling and advising on rare and collectible cars.

Over a career that spans over five decades, Jeff has been humbled to have the rare opportunity to be involved in the purchase of some of the most important car collections in the world. He is considered a doyen amongst motoring enthusiasts and is, without a doubt, one of the most prolific classic car experts.

John Varrasso
(Senior Classic Specialist) 

John began his career in the late 70s at Henley’s. He was promoted to group Sales Manager in 1980 where he forged a successful career in managing the sales process for iconic brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Volvo. In 1990 he joined Dutton’s and began paving a successful career in classic and collectible cars. He is one of Australia’s foremost experts in classic cars.

In 2015 John celebrated his 25th anniversary as part of the extended Dutton family.

Rowan Thomson 
(Senior Classic Specialist) 

With a love of all things Porsche, Rowan began as a child, developing an in depth understanding for this classic marque. His childhood obsession forged on to become an adulthood career path. He joined Dutton’s in 1994 and from that day forward he set about turning his dream of selling and collecting Porsches into a reality. His knowledge for rare Porsches is second to none in Australia.

Rowan is also the proud owner of an extensive collection of classic Porsches.

Marco Ramirez
 (Modern Prestige Specialist)

Marco has had a huge passion & involvement in cars since he was young. His father has been a collector, which has helped with the research, locating and restoration of classic cars for 7 years in Mexico.

In addition to classic cars, Marco had grown up racing go-karts for seven years and has had a life-long dedication to learn about sport cars and hyper cars.

Marco started his car career in sales with Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge for five years – moving on to Alfa Romeo and Fiat for three years and eventually to Mercedes Benz as an AMG specialist for four years.

Since starting at Dutton Garage, Marco specialises in the modern/prestige vehicles and is increasing his experience in the classic car market.

Dominique Chaleyer
(Classic Car Specialist/Media Coordinator)

Dominique has combined her passion for classic cars in a niche career that encompasses classic car racing, vehicle restoration, TV producing and marketing, both locally and abroad.

It was at her family's world class restoration business that Dominique dedicated over 5 years fine tuning her knowledge of the many processes involved in classic and vintage car restoration, classic car ownership and historic race car preparation.

Dominique joins the Dutton Garage sales team with great enthusiasm to make your future classic car investment a memorable experience.

Andre Nooy
(Modern Prestige Specialist)

From a young age André has always had a huge passion for anything automotive which stemmed from his father’s involvement in the automotive industry for the past 30yrs. Growing up in country Victoria, he was involved in classic car restorations and also has a collection of his own.
André started his career in sales with Ford for a number of years, then moved on to Holden for few years and then to Mercedes Benz, which is where, he found and realised his passion for high-end European cars. After a successful number of years with Mercedes he has now gratefully joined the team at Dutton Garage, André specialises in modern/prestige vehicles and is adding to his knowledge of the classic car market.