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1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL Historic Rally Car (Car in UK)



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Fuel TypeUnleaded


1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL Historic Rally Car (LHD) (Car in UK)

  • Upgraded 280 SL engine
  • Original 5 Speed ZF gearbox fitted
  • Uprated 280 Back Axle
  • Limited slip Diff
  • Tropical Suspension
  • Hydropneumatic Compensator rear suspension
  • 4 Wheel disc brakes
  • Fully rally prepared by Roger Edwards to World Class standards
  • Totally restored body by Nigel Cooper Coachworks
  • Roll cage
  • Plumbed Fire Extinguisher system
  • Hard and Soft tops
  • Ready to rally or go down to the shops
  • Impressive history file with photos of works and rallies
  • Please enquire re full list of improvements and equipment

This car was purchased in South Africa in 1999 and was converted to rally spec by a leading specialist. It was then imported to the UK and over the years it has been upgraded both bodily and mechanically and the result is the immaculate impressive vehicle that is available today.

Shortly after its arrival in the UK, it was decided to rebody the car using factory original Mercedes-Benz panels throughout when it became obvious that the car suffered from the usual rust problems that afflict so many cars in South Africa. This was done by the Mercedes Specialist Nigel Cooper Coachworks to an exceptional standard.

Because the car competed with a number of SL’s that were all of a 280 variant it was decided to upgrade the mechanics of the car so that it could compete on equal terms with its brethren. Over a period the well famed Roger Edwards Motors accomplished this. The engine was built by Roger Edwards himself and Cedric Selzer found and rebuilt one of the original ZF gearboxes. It was decided to fit a 280SL back axle which allowed a limited slip differential to be fitted and of course provided rear disc brakes and this of course was done by Roger Edwards Motors too. Before all of this was carried out, research was done on the Mercedes the won the Spa Sofia Liege Rally in the early 60’s and the Mercedes classic car division in Stuttgart helpfully advised on the work that they had done on the Pablo Picasso SL that they were preparing for around the world rally. As a result of this, the car had many additional fitments such as the fitting of the Tropical Suspension that was offered by Mercedes originally and the all-important Hydropneumatic compensator to the rear axle instead of the usual spring.

Over the years much additional work has been done: thoughtful and to the point, as can be seen from the photographs and the list of such work set out in this description. In addition, the car is offered with an astonishing list of spares which is likewise set out. All of this indicates the real expenditure that has been incurred whenever required and evidence of this is the full service the car had prior to being delivered to our showroom.

This vehicle has been rallied in more than 50 countries around the world and has completed more than 100,000kms of trouble free motoring.

it is in immaculate condition and as such looks like a car that has spent its life journeying to the Tesco local car park not traversing the world in London to Sydney, India, Vietnam, Cuba, Burma, and African rallies to name a few. However, the configuration of the car is such that the car is just as at home going to the local shops in style and comfort.

Uniquely this vehicle offers a purchaser the opportunity to go rallying on delivery of it. Nothing would be needed to be done. To someone so minded this obviates the inevitable many months’ delay of converting a standard car to rally spec even if not to the specification of this remarkable vehicle.

Complete set of spares which accompany the car:

Additional wheels.  6 Road wheels and tyres 70 profile
6 Road wheels and snow tyres 70 profile
6 Road wheels and tyres with 8 ply sidewalls and 80 profile.
2 Additional 8 ply tyres.
1 purpose built fuel tank and skid plate for it. (Underbody fitting)
1 purpose built fuel tank for fitment under the shelf in the boot.
2 panels to hide fitment of the tank.
12 used shock absorbers. All serviceable but unsightly. Can be refurbished.

Box 1.

An assortment of trim rubbers and pieces.

Box 2.

1 set aluminium engine mountings
1 reconditioned power steering pump.
1 unused limited slip differential.
1 used clutch pressure plate.
3 centre clutch discs. (1 used but serviceable).
1 Rear axle expansion spring and 2 fitments.
1 refurbished gearbox mounting plate.
1 refurbished header tank.

Box 3

Hardtop chromium pieces.
1 new US spec headlight fitting and parts of second 1.
1 headlamp
1 reconditioned ignition barrel and key.
2 heater facia plates.
2 heater fitments.
1 packet replacement wiper blade rubbers.
2 complete wipers.
1 tow hook replacement
1 new placement fuel gauge
1 original Mercedes dashboard clock.
2 window winders
3 gas struts.
1 packet shock absorbers and suspension rubbers.
1 packet shock absorber fittings.
2 packets hood wires.
2 chromium fittings for rear valance.

Box 4.

1 Bosch starter motor (used)
1 Bosch distributor (used)
1 universal joint
1 fan coupling
1 master cylinder (clutch) (used)
1 slave cylinder (clutch) (used)
1 flexible coupling. (new)
2 track ends
1 electronic ignition distributor (new)
3 radiator caps (1 used)
1 thermostat (new)
9 new fan belts (varying sizes)
Sundry new hoses 20 in all.
2 new speedometer cables
2 new rev counter cables
1 clutch release bearing.
2 cold start valves (reconditioned)
1 valve for the cylinder head for cold start.
1 rear gearbox mounting.
2 boxes seal kits for disc brakes.
1 packet gaskets
12 oil seals in 2 packets.
1 box fuses
1 brake pipe connector
Series of exhaust rubbers.
2 wiper relays (1 new)
2 regulators ( 1 new)
3 spot lamp bulbs.
2 wire exhaust straps.
1 windscreen washer pump.
2 battery terminals
1 anti roll bar
Specialised tools:-
Allen key for diff.
Diff Oil seal tool.
Diff compression spacer
Tool for clips for boot panelling
1 wheel stud
6 spark plugs
1 wheel brace
1 packet gaskets
1 cylinder head vent
Extra to Rally car
1 complete 230SL axle.

Box 5

1 short prop shaft
Sundry shorter shafts brake linings etc
A packet containing use spring light switch