About Us

In 1911 Albert Octavius Dutton had a dream.

To create a truly iconic showroom that would house the best luxury, exotic and classic cars in the world. A showroom filled with modern, sporting and historic classics. Driven by a business that has the buying power to purchase any car across the globe and the network to sell to any buyer across the globe.

A showroom where management works alongside dedicated, expert motoring enthusiasts rather than sales consultants. This dream became a reality and Dutton Garage has gone from strength to strength and today is Australia’s unrivaled home of luxury, rare, exotic and classic cars.

Our Services

At Dutton Garage purchasing a collectable car is a hassle free, turnkey experience. We provide a full door-to-door delivery process of your car personally managed by one of our qualified team members.In addition to selling and purchasing the finest cars on the market our dedication and care also extends to additional services such as:

International classic car sourcing

Finding a car of your dreams can be a very complicated, time-consuming process. At Dutton Garage, we pride ourselves on sourcing all kinds of rare and collectible cars from around the world. Having a truly global sourcing network, Dutton Garage has the ability to locate & purchase any car for clients, no matter how rare or collectible. This allows collectors to focus more on their love & passion of classic cars rather than the difficult experience of sourcing them.

Extensive race preparations of historic and modern race cars

We offer a complete race preparation for all high-end European racing cars including circuit assistance from a single club day to a complete race series. We can also assist in organizing racing opportunities at internationally recognized motorsport events, driver training / mentoring and track days.

No Ordinary Showroom

Dutton believed that this unique collection of automotive masterpieces deserved a fitting showroom – a gallery.

There are no average cars for sale in the Dutton Garage. This unique gallery houses the very pinnacle of automotive history. Dream cars collected from all over the world are carefully displayed, available to both international and national car lovers.

The building itself is a sight to behold and is set to become an iconic Melbourne landmark. Designed by the world-renowned architect Karl Fender. Just like the car stock it effortlessly combines the best of the old world with the striking new. Fender himself commented that “the key design driver was to demonstrate Dutton Garage’s commitment to, and love of the levels of design quality reflected in the vehicles they sell.”

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Rare cars in our blood

Behind Dutton Garage stand three powerful, respected and acknowledged scions of the luxury, classic and race car markets. This dream team head up the largest Australian luxury car wholesaler with more than 40 buyers nationwide purchasing and selling 18,000 cars internationally. With its immense buying power they can secure any car, anywhere in the world – bought and priced aggressively for sale.

Adding to this, Dutton Sporting Cars has a lineage that brings over hundred years of classic car expertise. The Dutton brand has a legacy of auto racing in Australia that is beyond compare.

And finally, our hybrid team of race car enthusiasts, engineers and drivers, headed by Ben Henson. Ben brings 30 years’ experience in race preparation and historic restorations. Dutton Motorsports has an illustrious history on the racetrack and a dazzling future as part of Dutton Garage.

The Faces of Dutton

The Dutton Garage team is made up of industry leaders in collectible, classic and exotic cars. They bring decades of experience in buying, selling and investing in rare and exotic cars. Their wealth of experience, dedication and passion, puts them amongst the best collectable car consultants in the world.

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Dutton Group is owned by its founders, Gavin Fernandez and George Nakas, alongside funds managed and advised by CHAMP Private Equity.

With an investment history dating back to 1987, CHAMP’s primary investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation in mid-market businesses located in Australia and New Zealand.

CHAMP acquired its interest in Dutton in early 2017, and since then has successfully partnered with the founders and management to grow the business both domestically and internationally.